I Guess I’m Right or The Importance of Research

We’re all guilty of thinking we know our audience. Often it’s based on what we are like ourselves or what we would wish our audience to be like. I came across this article on Social Media Today which illustrates the gap between what managers believe their customers use their Facebook page for and what they actually use it for.

We would probably all like to to think that when someone signs up to follow our Facebook posts or our Tweets, it’s because they like us, they like what we have to say and they want to know about us. That’s what the marketing officers surveyed thought. However the majority of consumers said they signed up because they wanted offers, games and info about new products. Only 38% said they wanted to show they were a fan. (I assume this leaves out all the people who sign up purely to try to sell you something.)

If we don’t research why our customers follow us, buy our product or visit our venue, how can we hope to market effectively to them? We often can’t afford to do our own research but that’s no excuse when there’s so much available on the internet. You may be right that your customers are different to those in this particular bit of research but it can’t harm to make sure that your postings on Facebook and Twitter include plenty of offers and news about new products.

Author: Paul Lewis

After a short stint as a journalist, I have spent most of my working life in marketing and retailing. I love theatre and have been lucky enough to work in theatre marketing for many years. I provide small businesses and arts organisations with holistic marketing at an economic price through my company Seven Experience Ltd

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