Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on how complex a site you need. A simple attractive 5 page website with no flashy elements will cost less than £1000.
We talk about what you want the website to achieve- its target market, your business’s image, etc. We agree the content, i.e. what will be on each page. You supply images and some basic words. My colleagues and I create a website which you then comment on. We make revisions. The final version is agreed. We launch the website.
Yes, the content will be search engine friendly but you will need to get relevant websites to link to yours to improve your website’s chances.
Yes but the idea is that you will be able to manage the site yourself. I don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee because I don’t create websites that need costly outside maintenance.
If you can give me a draft or we can have a brief conversation, I can produce a press release for £100. If there’s research involved or we need to customise it for different media, it could cost more.
It depends on the length of the copy and how much research I need to do in order to provide top quality content but a rule of thumb is £150 per page.
Yes, if you are marketing an arts organisation. Otherwise I charge £200 but I won’t cost you anything unless we both agree I’ve been helpful.