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Writing Web Copy Is A Skill

Web copy is different from print copy and other forms of writing because website users need to know fast both what it’s about and how to move on. Here are seven tips.

Remember why your visitors came to the page and give them what they want.

Get to the point. The first two or three words may […]

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Icon Is Essential But What Does It Mean?

I fell into the trap I always warn others about. I always say that usability is key to a good website, yet recently I created a website that was less user friendly than it could have been.

The culprit was the Hamburger icon that appeared on the mobile version. If you’re saying, ‘What is the Hamburger […]

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4 Ways To Make Your Website More User Friendly

'Keep it simple, stupid' is old advice but it never dates. Here are four pieces of research that show the importance of keeping your website simple. Consider them when you're designing a website or checking the quality of a website designer.
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