Amazon: Future Tense

In a previous article, I established that, despite its market domination, Amazon makes little or no profits because the pursuit of low prices has led to very low margins. I asked is there a David out there that can exploit this Goliath‘s weaknesses and what we would lose if we didn‘t have Amazon? Straightaway we… Continue reading Amazon: Future Tense

Service Is Today’s Battlefield

Service is the battlefield for today’s shopkeepers. Customers now expect all us shopkeepers to be Bates to their Lord Grantham. New research by Market Force, reported by the Yorkshire Post,  shows how poor service affects shop sales. 9 out of 10 will leave a shop without buying if they don’t like the service. There’s good… Continue reading Service Is Today’s Battlefield

Was It Something I Said?

Does ‘www’ stand for World Wild West? Recent events suggest it might. My own experience is that the internet is not as free as we think. Twitter gained a fabulous amount of publicity because someone used it to post alleged details of some superinjunctions and then the coverage went into the stratosphere when a no… Continue reading Was It Something I Said?

Writing On The Wall- How Banksy inspires Your Life Your Style

Banksy Graffiti in Los Angeles

I’ll be rooting for the graffiti artist Banksy to win an Oscar tomorrow for his documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. I find his work on outdoor walls inspiring. Don’t worry, I haven’t bought a hooded jacket and a spray can of paint. The streets of Winchester are safe, from me at least. It’s more… Continue reading Writing On The Wall- How Banksy inspires Your Life Your Style