Canal Holiday Didn’t Float My Boat

I thought there would be nothing more relaxing than a canal boat holiday. Travelling at 4mph along sleepy waterways through beautiful countryside sounded idyllic. Until I did it.
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You Say You Want A Revolution?

It was the seventies by the time I got to London to join the sixties revolution, so it was the pretty much over. As a teenager, I had followed it enthusiastically from the sidelines.

I remember the excitement of The Beatles broadcasting All You Need Is Love live to the world, the thrill of student revolts […]

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To Boo Or Not To Boo

I think the Royal Opera House had a responsibility to its other patrons who might have been enjoying the performance to put a stop to disruptive behaviour like booing
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Je Suis Charlie? Then Let’s Stop Censoring Arts In The UK

Behzti, Jerry Springer, Exhibit B- here in the UK, we owe it to the Charlie Hebdo victims to stop giving in to people who are offended by free expression.
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White Stuff Lives Up To Its Name

To provide a catalogue with nothing but white faces, as White Stuff have done, is offensive to those customers who oppose discrimination and to those who are from ethnic minority backgrounds.
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