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Review: The Apprentice Series 12 Episodes 4 & 5

The Apprentice: Episode 4
After last week’s boring task and unfair result, this week’s The Apprentice got back on track with an episode about crowdfunding.

I really must stop taking Lord Sugar’s search so seriously. I keep thinking it’s a business programme when really it’s simply popular entertainment. Even so, there are business lessons to be learned.

Last […]

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Should You Comment On Your Colleague’s Appearance?

So, is it sexist to describe someone’s photo on a business website as ‘stunning’? That was what barrister Charlotte Proudman thought when solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk made the comment to her on LinkedIn.

Before addressing that question, I should straightaway say that whatever one’s view, it’s wrong to send her abusive and offensive messages and a prominent […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Charge What People Will Pay

Why shouldn’t we price at the maximum your audience will pay? Here’s an extract from Seth Godin’s latest blog, proposing that long term is more important than the short when it comes to pricing:

Thirty years ago, I asked the fabled rock promoter Bill Graham a question that I thought was brilliant, but he owned me […]

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Buying Online- Who’s Doing The Favour?

When your customer buys online, who benefits most, you or them? The question occurred to me after two contrasting experiences I had recently. One was with an arts organisation, the other was a commercial business.

First, the National Portrait Gallery. I read the reviews of the John Singer Sargent exhibition and thought I must see this. […]

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7 Criteria For Attracting Business Investors

Neither of the two finalists in The Apprentice would have attracted business investment in the real world. Here’s what investors with £250,000 really look for in a start up.

1. You need a unique product- not just unique in the sense of filling a gap in the market but also something that others will not be […]

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