Did The City Of London Kill The High Street?

I thought I’d solved the mystery of who murdered the high street. Then an article in Money Week came up with a new prime suspect.

Matthew Lynn’s view is that it’s not the government, local councils, landlords or even the slump in consumer spending. He blames the City. His reasoning certainly explains […]

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John Lewis Show How Not To Design A Catalogue

Why does a major retailer like John Lewis ignore scientific research on how to produce a catalogue that sells? Here are a few of the rules they ignored in this year's Christmas brochure.
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Your Life Your Style Takes A Bite From Apple

There’s so much bad customer service around that it’s nice to be able report an example of good service.

Apple are amazing in many ways, not least because they are the richest company in the world and still make owning one of their products seem like joining an exclusive club. Part of the secret […]

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Your Life Your Style Minds Its Language

Language has certainly moved on in the last fifty years. And I don’t just mean that authors who once used better words now only use four letter words, as Cole Porter put it. We expect people to write as we speak and are increasingly attuned to a false tone. Even so, modern forms of communication […]

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Heard It Through The Grapevine: The Power of Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is your most valuable marketing tool, which is good news and bad news.  The good news is that it works so well because it’s authentic.  The bad news is, you can’t fake it.

If you’ve got an email or postal list of people who like your product enough to sign up, you have […]


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