The Half Truths of Half Price Sales

‘I don’t believe it!’ said my wife, slamming this week’s local newspaper in front of me with such force that my boiled egg almost fell out of its cup. Quickly steadying my wobbling breakfast with one hand, I held the paper in the other and looked at the front page headline that was causing her […]

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A Christmas Carol

A minor disaster hit the shop this week. I’m not talking about the weather decimating sales or our selling out of faux fur hats and Steiff mini bears. No, much worse, our CD player, after many years’ hammering, finally threw in the towel. It probably couldn’t face playing Bert Kaempfert’s Tijuana Christmas for the zillioneth […]

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Free Isn’t Cheap

I wasn’t surprised to read that Which? has concluded ‘free’ banking costs a fortune. The fact is, nothing in the commercial world is really free. If you buy one and get one ‘free’, it may be true that you pay the same if you only purchase one but the price allows for you buying two. […]

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Service Is Today’s Battlefield

Service is the battlefield for today’s shopkeepers. Customers now expect all us shopkeepers to be Bates to their Lord Grantham. New research by Market Force, reported by the Yorkshire Post,  shows how poor service affects shop sales. 9 out of 10 will leave a shop without buying if they don’t like the service. […]

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I Guess I’m Right or The Importance of Research

We’re all guilty of thinking we know our audience. Often it’s based on what we are like ourselves or what we would wish our audience to be like. I came across this article on Social Media Today which illustrates the gap between what managers believe their customers use their Facebook page for and what they […]

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