Let The Great Poets Inspire You

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With Valentines Day approaching, I’ve been busy updating the Romantic Quotes page of our website I introduced it to help inspire customers looking for words to go with their gifts.

I know lots of us find it difficult to put our feelings into […]

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Handle with Care

Don't sabotage one of your best sales tools
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Always get someone to check your copy.

It’s very easy to say something you didn’t mean.   The designer Aubrey Kurlansky spotted this notice on a door in an office block: “Toilet out of order, please use floor below”. Moral: Always get someone to check your copy.

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My Back Pages: Don Draper, Koran Burning & My Bottom

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Don Draper would never approve of burning copies of the Koran. You can tell that from the way, in the first episode of the new series of Mad Men, he gave short shrift to Peggy for mounting a […]

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