Is Morecambe Wise? A seaside resort reacts to changing times

In Morecambe, private enterprise has not matched the efforts of the local authorities
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Do Yourself A Favour- Avoid Bribery

Do you offer your theatre reviewers a free drink at the interval? Do you buy the local paper’s arts editor a meal every so often when you want to chat about the new season?  I know it’s yet more red tape for small organisations but you need to consider the implications of the new Bribery […]

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How To Sell A Million Pound Panto

Very few things are certain in the world of show business but one is the profit to be made on panto. Or so I used to think until I heard that a major regional theatre actually lost money on a panto a couple of years ago. So it’s clear that you still need a good […]

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How To Sell Last Minute Tickets

No matter what price you put on a seat, it’s a diminishing asset that will be worth nothing the day after the event. If a show hasn’t sold as well as you hoped and you’ve got too many seats left, you need to shift them.

Emails, texts, Facebook posts and Tweets are the media to use […]

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Your Life Your Style’s Favourite April Fool Jokes

Today’s the day when we all read our newspapers, watch our news programmes and look our emails with a little more care in case we’re been tricked by an April Fool joke. We no longer believe something even when we’re being told it’s true by a figure of […]

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