Week 2 Of The Apprentice: Lord Sugar Turns Sour

It’s only week two of The Apprentice and already the latest candidates to be Lord Sugar’s partner are irritating the hell out of me, not to mention Lord Sugar. For the first time, there was no winner and he seemed close to firing the lot of them.

9 Emails You Should Send Potential Donors

Here’s an excellent piece of advice about emailing donors from the Vertical Response website. To summarise, you start with three emails that don’t ask for money and simply seek to establish a relationship with new members: Welcome, Did You Know, Special Offer. Next you send three emails asking for donations: Success Story, We Have A… Continue reading 9 Emails You Should Send Potential Donors

Why You Shouldn’t Charge What People Will Pay

Why shouldn’t we price at the maximum your audience will pay? Here’s an extract from Seth Godin’s latest blog, proposing that long term is more important than the short when it comes to pricing: Thirty years ago, I asked the fabled rock promoter Bill Graham a question that I thought was brilliant, but he owned… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Charge What People Will Pay

It Was The Marketing Wot Won It

“At its absolute simplest, a campaign is simply finding out who will decide the outcome… what are they, what matters to them, and how do you reach them?” Those are the words of the Conservative Party’s election strategist Lynton Crosby.

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