Buying Online- Who’s Doing The Favour?

When your customer buys online, who benefits most, you or them? The question occurred to me after two contrasting experiences I had recently. One was with an arts organisation, the other was a commercial business.

First, the National Portrait Gallery. I read the reviews of the John Singer Sargent exhibition and thought I must see this. […]

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Pricing

£5.00 or 4.99? £5.00 or 5.00? £5.00 or £7.50 or both? Subtle differences maybe but they can make a big difference to your sales. In her recent post Francesca Nicasio nominates three questions to ask before you set your prices.

The first is whether you should use the old .99 trick. Of course it’s clumsy and […]

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What You Want When You Want It

‘You can have any colour as long as it’s black,’ said Henry Ford following his invention of the mass production factory line. These days he would say, ‘You can have whatever colour you want plus an infinite combination of fixtures and fittings.’

The massive change brought about by the digital age has affected all businesses, as […]

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Is Morecambe Wise? A seaside resort reacts to changing times

In Morecambe, private enterprise has not matched the efforts of the local authorities
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