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A Catalogue of Ills

Back in 1988, when I joined the new marketing team at The Mayflower Theatre, just about the first thing we did was redesign the season brochure. (It’s something new people like to do.) We hired a top local designer. Everyone thought it was beautiful. I thought it was beautiful. It was beautiful.

But when I look […]

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The New Chichester Theatre Brochure Analysed

There’s a debate on LinkedIn about the value of printed brochures. The new Chichester Festival Theatre brochure which came through my letterbox this week shows exactly what a good brochure can do.

It’s not that the CFT doesn’t use other media. ‘Friends’ who pay for priority booking and others, like me, on the theatre’s email list […]

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John Lewis Show How Not To Design A Catalogue

Why does a major retailer like John Lewis ignore scientific research on how to produce a catalogue that sells? Here are a few of the rules they ignored in this year's Christmas brochure.
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