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I Want To Tell You A Story

“I want to tell you a story.”  Like many comedians, Max Bygraves understood the power of the story to attract and keep an audience’s attention.

I discovered recently, having been involved in marketing a new shop, that the best window dressers describe their displays as ‘stories’.  Put simply, it’s that the colours, the props and the […]

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Your Life Your Style or Your Wife’s Store Trial?

From pop song lyrics to customer complaints, it's easy for us to mishear what's being said
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I’m A Celebrity, Steiff Bears & Record Theatre Audiences

Last week London’s West End reported an attendance of over 14 million in 2010, missing last year’s record by a whisker. A BBC report desribed a ‘golden age of theatre’.

So why are we living in this golden age? Partly it’s the quality. If you provide cheap production values and lazy content, audiences stay […]

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