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Research Makes Great Theatre (& Great Marketing)

I nearly always enjoy the experience but it's very rare that I recapture the excitement I felt when I first sat in a theatre as a child and the lights went down and actors came on stage to tell a story. But it happened last week at the Young Vic in London.
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The Price Of Everything, The Value Of Nothing

Reading and seeing coverage of the death of Tony Benn reminds someone of my age how far the country has moved to the right. Where once left wing Keynesanism was the accepted norm, now monetarist economics that originated by conservative thinkers are almost unquestioned. Similarly there is an acceptance of privatisation and the free market […]

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The New Chichester Theatre Brochure Analysed

There’s a debate on LinkedIn about the value of printed brochures. The new Chichester Festival Theatre brochure which came through my letterbox this week shows exactly what a good brochure can do.

It’s not that the CFT doesn’t use other media. ‘Friends’ who pay for priority booking and others, like me, on the theatre’s email list […]

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The Seven Elements of a Successful Plan

The only blogger I follow religiously is Seth Godin, guru of entrepreneurs and users of new media. Today he talked about the Acute Heptagram of Impact. The seven elements that lead to success or failure, says Seth, are Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Reputation, Persistence, Desire and Fear. The importance of Strategy and Tactics we can all […]

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How To Get Your Theatre Audience To Go Online

A theatre manager friend of mine told me he would like to get more people to use his theatre’s website. There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea. You can communicate a lot more information on a website and the more people know about a product the easier it is for […]

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