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Who Are The Arts Tribe and How Can It Make You Money?

In the arts we often confuse those that like what we do with those who support us. It matters because while we need to make sure those who attend our performances or exhibitions attend regularly, it is vital that we identify those who actually want to help us.

The problem is that while supporters will almost […]

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Je Suis Charlie? Then Let’s Stop Censoring Arts In The UK

Behzti, Jerry Springer, Exhibit B- here in the UK, we owe it to the Charlie Hebdo victims to stop giving in to people who are offended by free expression.
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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

Who said there’s no such thing as bad publicity? The recent story about The Broadway Hotel in Blackpool which fined a guest £100 for writing a bad review on TripAdvisor suggests otherwise. It’s hard to imagine this particular business turning the sorry tale to their advantage. In fact, their crass approach to bad reviews is […]

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Be Careful Before You Discount

A CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) report  at the end of July took Tesco to task for advertising a discount on some beer of a price that had been temporarily raised. This means you mustn’t claim you are discounting unless you genuinely are. I’m a big fan of dynamic pricing which can mean a price […]

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The Business Lessons Of Wolf Hall

Ben Miles in Wolf Hall at The Aldwych excels in what must be a career defining role as the tough but tender, honourable but ruthless fixer, Thomas Cromwell. Watching him, I couldn't help thinking of the occasions I've been in Cromwell's situation.
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