HootsuiteFacebook logo is an excellent service for any business wanting to manage all their social media activities in one place. They also offer a blog is full of useful information. Recently it looked into the best time to post on social media and came to these conclusions.

Facebook remains the most frequently viewed social media. Its move back to an emphasis on family and friends has left business pages high and dry with your posts likely to reach 5% or less of your followers (unless you pay). So timing is more important than ever to try to ensure that those who do receive your post actually look at it.

The best time to post on Facebook is in the lunch period between noon and 3pm every weekday except Tuesday and between noon and 1pm at the weekend.

Instagram, the new star in the social media firmament, follows in the footsteps of its owner Facebook by applying an algorithm to posts, so there’s a lot more to being seen than timing. Nevertheless the hour you post plays its part and between noon and 1pm (otherwise known as lunchtime) seems to be the best time to send out your message to the world.

Twitter takes a different approach. Unlike Facebook, their algorithm doesn’t bury its users’ hard work in a shallow grave. What it does do is give prominence to posts that are more popular or what it deems interesting (which seems to mean news stories in particular). Consequently, the avalanche of tweets continues to be impossible for most of us to do more than dip into and tweets from even a few hours earlier may never be seen unless Twitter chooses to bring them to your attention (‘In Case You Missed It’). Because generally Tweets are still listed in the order they were tweeted, timing remains important. Hootsuite’s research suggests the best time to reach people on Twitter is at 3pm on weekdays. However, since everybody is posting at that time, perhaps a little earlier or later might be a good idea.

Hootsuite logoFinally there’s LinkedIn, still working for the business community and observing office hours when it comes to posts, meaning the best times are just before work at 7.45, around coffee time at 10.45, at lunch 12.45 and at knocking off time- 5.45. Only Monday to Thursday though, not Friday otherwise known as Poets Day (Push off early, Tomorrow’s Saturday).

It’s important to emphasise that this is research by Hootsuite, derived from analysis of hundreds of thousands of posts made through its auspices. Your market may not fit their norm. So, it’s important for you to check for yourself which timings get the best response. Also, timing is only one factor- the content will have a huge effect on whether people re-post, re-tweet, comment or click on a link.

It’s worth looking at the basis for Hootsuite’s conclusions about timing as well as their advice on how to do your own research. Here’s the link to the blog post.