Let’s Not Get Above Ourselves

I’ve clashed with quite a few accountants in the past because it seemed to me they couldn’t be content with managing the money, they had to behave like they were running the business. The mistake they made, I thought, was to confuse the tool with the result. Then I realised we marketers do it too.

It’s […]

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Older And Wiser?

With the boomer generation reaching old age, it's time to challenge the assumption that all the over 60s have to look forward to is free travel and dementia. We may hear much about the burden on our welfare and health services of the elderly and about the discrimination against older female (and some male) presenters on TV. Less noticed are the number of old people who are continuing to contribute to all aspects of society.
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How Timeless Fashion Rules Apply To Marketing Too

An article on Timeless Fashion Rules caught my eye. Apart from my constant desire to be a snappy dresser, I was interested in how the same rules could apply to marketing and much else in life.
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What’s The Difference Between Perception and Misperception?

What’s the difference between perception and misperception? Perceptions aren’t about facts. The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. You will need to change your marketing to stop others perceiving your product in the same way.
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Just Because It’s Free Doesn’t Mean It’s Worthless

I was going to write about the rights and wrongs of Waitrose giving away cups of coffee but then I read about one of their free coffees poisoning a customer. It wasn’t the fact that cleaning fluid made its way into the cup, it was how Waitrose dealt with it.

As a company, how you deal […]

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