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Best Time to Post on Social Media

Hootsuite is an excellent service for any business wanting to manage all their social media activities in one place. They also offer a blog is full of useful information. Recently it looked into the best time to post on social media and came to these conclusions.

Facebook remains the most frequently viewed social media. Its move […]

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Ignore Tweets, Lose Customers

Ignore Twitter- Lose Customers
Never ignore a complaint, even on Twitter. I realise Twitter can be seen as a waste of time. If you have an account, you’ll know that you get loads of followers who simply want to sell you something. Your tweets get lost in the millions that are posted each day. Even if […]

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A Lesson in Brand Marketing from James Blunt

Last week James Blunt gave me a lesson in brand marketing. I might not have realised just how good he is at marketing, if I hadn’t seen Alfie Boe a year ago to compare him with.

The story begins a couple of years ago. My wife and I have enjoyed James’ music for many years but […]

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It’s All About You

You are important and you know it. But does the person trying to sell you something know it?

One of the basic lessons of marketing is ‘sell benefits not features’. In other words, tell the customer what’s in it for them. Yet how often do you receive an email, letter, tweet, flier or even a personal […]

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7 Ways To Get Retweeted

Being retweeted increases the exposure of your ideas or company to potential followers so it’s more than a boost to the ego. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, let’s be clear: the following tips will increase the chances of you getting retweeted, some quite significantly, but you still have to have something worth […]

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