Marketing vs Comms

I’ve never worked in a business large enough to separate marketing and communications. Even at the largest organisation where I was an employee, I was responsible for both. So what is the difference?

As the head of the department, I concentrated on the marketing while carrying out some of the communications. So I was the person […]

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The Link Between Ed Balls in Strictly & Chichester’s This House

How is it that Ed Balls survives week after week on Strictly Come Dancing when he is clearly the worst dancer?

I don’t mean he’s the worst dancer ever on the show- step forward Scott Mills, John  Sergeant, Ann Widdecombe and quite a few others. In fact, he can keep time and some of his moves […]

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Shaken Not Stirred- New Sponsors Remind Me Of 007’s Original Drink

James Bond 007 ordered his first martini back in 1953 in the novel Casino Royale. So, was it the traditional gin martini or a more modern vodka version?
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Just Because It’s Free Doesn’t Mean It’s Worthless

I was going to write about the rights and wrongs of Waitrose giving away cups of coffee but then I read about one of their free coffees poisoning a customer. It wasn’t the fact that cleaning fluid made its way into the cup, it was how Waitrose dealt with it.

As a company, how you deal […]

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No Comment Says It All

Harriet Harman’s response or rather lack thereof to the Daily Mail’s stories about her connection to a paedophile organisation shows exactly what not to do when faced with a PR disaster.

It is of course tempting to ignore adverse publicity or a complaint and hope it goes away. This can work. If there isn’t really a […]

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