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Here’s an excellent piece of advice about emailing donors from the Vertical Response website.

To summarise, you start with three emails that don’t ask for money and simply seek to establish a relationship with new members: Welcome, Did You Know, Special Offer.

Next you send three emails asking for donations: Success Story, We Have A Goal, Fundraising Event.

Finally three emails you should send to maintain donors: Newsletter, Useful News, Donor Preferences.

There are also three tips for success: Add Pictures of People, Segment Your List and Use Empowering Language. I particularly liked this last one. For example, instead of ‘We can’t do it without you’, say ‘Donors like you make this possible.’ Instead of ‘Click here to donate’, say ‘Make a difference today’.

If you work for a charity and need to raise funds from members and supporters, I thoroughly recommend that you read this article in full.

Article Name
9 Emails You Should Send Potential Donors
A review of an excellent piece of advice from the Vertical Response website about emailing potential donors